Saturday, October 10, 2015

Friday adventures to nowhere

As much as I enjoy going into work {yes, I realize employers love to hear this, but it's genuinely true for me}, I've also realized the importance of taking the time to recharge batteries and sometimes, doing seemingly nothing while actually doing something.

Breaking away from the outside world, unplugging from social media and work problems is crucial for body and soul....and sanity.

Growing up, through elementary, middle, high school, and then Uni, I was constantly on the go, go, go...too busy to even consider the possibility of being ill, albeit a decent immune system {despite sometimes eating like garbage} also helps. I guess all those years of the 5-second rule helped after all.

While I did go into work later than usual, I could not go without clocking in a few hours before cleaning myself up and getting into the office. In the meantime, romper and my favorite flannel lend a cozy hand in getting me through the morning.

It's incredible: even when I feel sicky, I still manage to get quite a bit done!

This whole work/life balance may prove a constant struggle with an ever-changing schedule, but flannels and clean sheets go a long way, even when you feel as though you're about to fall over.

Learn from my mistake: one fainting spell, several close calls, and a handful of panic attacks later, I'm realizing it's okay to be a legit lazy bum sometimes instead of, what I like to call, a productive lazy bum.

Productive lazy bum: a person capable of accomplishing many tasks, yet does not find the time to complete the simple mundane daily tasks such as showering, brushing their hair, or even getting dressed until evening.
 Another day, another crazy adventure to nowhere...

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