Sunday, October 18, 2015

Youth and Femininity

Not a subject I tend to dwell on nor share my opinion because of the hostile reciprocation it receives, feminism still holds an ever-present place in my mind, particularly in regard to the workforce.

Common misconception holds feminists as tit-baring and man-hating, but this idealism which may flash across people's minds is just silly nonsense...feminism in its true form is woman-empowering, and also men-empowering - putting us all on the same playing field.

Emma Watson's appointment of UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and, most recently, Jennifer Lawrence's uncensored unabashed take on the wage gap still present in the 21st century show us the need for strong women to pave the way for other strong women.

Undoubtedly, I also feel some have taken the idea of feminism too far, using it as a crutch or excuse for their behavior - much like wanting to be treated as an adult warrants acting accordingly, I'm quite euphoric I can genuinely say I'm treated on an equal playing field as my male peers - a woman in business is not always an easy route, particularly management.

I do, however, notice, through observation, of which I'm quite keen on doing in order to assess situations, that this does not always translate as being held to the same standard for those underneath me...

With some, I'm grateful my competencies are realized and I've been able to prove myself worthy of their trust and loyalty. With others, I have felt as though my judgment is taken, since it comes from a higher up position, but there is a sense of resistance or an inner tendency to be argumentative or test how far it takes until I cave.

As a young professional gaining experience from managing employees months, years, even decades, older than I, I have felt my authority questioned and have questioned myself at times.

Perception is key, as is confidence, but I'd be lying if I said my age nor gender never played a role in earning the respect of employees and peers. I've found myself more aware of this - being judged by my anatomical attributes rather than by character {aside from body issues, into which we shalln't divulge at the moment} - and it bites it's not the best feeling in the world but only drives my will to succeed ever harder.

I have William the Conqueror's blood flowing through my veins and the heat of the French - I don't give up that easily ;)

The Quantum Moment by Robert P. Crease & Alfred Scharff Goldhaber
As Hermione would say... "and now, for a bit of light reading."

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