Friday, September 13, 2013

Drizzle, quid, and pants

Pants are underpants, like briefs.
Trousers are pants.

I knew about the trousers, but not the pants...

Still getting used to the slang and accents, but meeting loads of new people from all over the world. It's pretty neat actually, albeit confusing in stores at times when I'm looking for something specific.

There are the easy ones, like biscuit=cookie, pub=chill meeting place with a bar, quid=British pounds. But sometimes I forget and mix up crisps and chips and fries! P.S. crisps=potato chips, chips=French fries.

C'est la vie.

Thus far, I've successfully navigated around Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, and Surbiton....or at least on my one trip. So many of the streets tend to look the same so I think I'm going the right way, but end up walking an extra 2 miles. My legs better be slim and trim by the time December rolls around...or I may shiver off my fat. 

I've heard so many languages being spoken and I haven't even been to London yet! Oi bugger, right now it's raining....surprise. It's like Annville ha

They have quite a few brands and stores/restaurants one might see in the US: Baskin Robbins, Pizza Hut, Virgin Mobile, bloke told me he loves Domino's Pizza. Gag. But that's merely personal taste....

I keep getting told I'm pronouncing my English incorrectly and I have an accent. How water. We say "waDDDer" and they say "woter." Fun, light-hearted arguments on English haha

Cleaning today and picking up my Oyster card....if it ever stops raining and the maintenance man comes to fix my heat and water.

I'll be updating when I go to the common room to pick up wifi to upload pictures from my phone. I have a shisty little Nokia 100 on the O2 network for here...poor iPhone 5 :(


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