Saturday, September 21, 2013

Of two minds

I love how easy it is to get into the city...

Last night was the Fresher's Ball, marking the end to Fresher's Week and all of the activities....except for today's last excursion to Greenwich. Naturally, I had to go see a few things in Westminster before making my way to the pier.

The clock tower, commonly mistaken for Big Ben, which is actually the bell inside. I'm a stickler for facts and accuracy.

Poor Ben is slightly cracked like our Liberty Bell....


Westminster Abbey in all her glory. The queue was quite long so I did not have a chance to go inside....but I shall return!

I'm hoping to go into the city for a day just to explore, either Friday [because I don't have class mwahahahaha] or Sunday since Saturday I shall be on a field trip.

There's an aquarium across the Thames and of course, the London Eye, which I have yet to ride! I need to get a move on my list....I feel like I'm slipping.

This is the Westminster Pier.

We arrived at Greenwich via [Britishly pronounced vI-a] boat ride down the Thames [during much of which I slept....]

We stopped at a Pizza Express. So I got a hot chocolate and brownie. duh.

I love their sweets over I wasn't hungry enough for a meal.

A lovely view of Greenwich from the top of the hill near the Observatory

Look at me! I'm in two hemispheres at once!

Pit stop at the M&M store in Picadilly Circus!

Princess salute

The smells were just incredible wafting down much to see! I've never been to NYC's Chinatown so I can't very well compare it....but definitely worth a stop

Weird tick about me. I don't generally eat McDonald's in the US, but I like to try McDonald's in different countries. I was hungry and this spicy veggie wrap and Malteser McFlurry were calling my name. Delicious.

Of two minds....very much so. I love different aspects of America [such as using my own phone because, let's face it, this Nokia sucks], but England feels like home already. The culture is definitely one in which I would wish to live...I'm not even sure how to describe it. I should be adventurous and want to move on to grander, more exotic places [which I will in years to come], but I could definitely see myself living here for a time some day....

I don't want to leave....I would love to go home for a semester and come back for my last semester. There is just so much to see and do and the friends I've made....I don't want to leave them! I've literally made acquaintances and friends with people all over the world, even some pretty cool American girls.

This is me wailing....don't wanna gooooooooo

In the meantime, taking advantage of all of my time. Stonehenge and Bath on Saturday, Paris in October, Amsterdam and Brogue in many trips and memories to come :)

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