Monday, September 2, 2013

1 week is better than 7 days

Perception....all in how one views the world. In study abroad, perception is key. If you're ready for a good time [no sexual innuendos here and forgive the corniness of this clich├ęd line] then you're going to most likely have a riveting experience. If you're not ready to leave home, then you're probably going to spend a few nights crying and clutching a t-shirt that reminds you of home...

Luckily I fall into the former category. I'm not one to be homesick which comes in handy since this 9 day stretch before leaving will be the longest time I've spent at home since last Xmas break. 

Reflections of this week....I think we're all looking for a little reassurance to feel like we're worthwhile. Not necessarily to gauge our self-worth, but to verify our some extent, each person with their own varying degrees.

To prove to those who deemed us unworthy in their eyes because we've plucked up the gumption to say we'd no longer like to be a doormat, that we're "worth two of them," as Harry Potter once told Neville Longbottom.

Last night in E-town
Saw friends...received hugs...ended up packing at 1am. C'est la vie. Reminiscent of college days...

3 tanks + 1 pair of earrings = $8
Woot woot to bargain hunting. I was in need of a couple fresh tank basics...and couldn't pass up these arrow earrings, especially since my first holes were empty. 

Best $1.50 investment ever
I found this gem in my room. A bit dusty, albeit still in excellent shape except in need of new elastic...

Please ignore disgusting chipped nail polish
Getting crafty whilst I'm home...30 second knuckle ring!

It's rather sad...normally we do our Xmas card pic over Thanksgiving break, but seeing as the British don't celebrate Thanksgiving....well, just easier to take it now.

Pour le Pont des Arts

Getting ready for Paris for my birthday! I have two locks for the famous lock bridge. My sister is my other half and Grammie & Pap Pap are prove that love is forever....they spent many years together, but their love will never cease. Her beautiful spirit will always have a special place in my heart. 

I've been taking time to see people before I depart, my "ta-ta for nows" seem sad, but I know the journey of a lifetime awaits.  It's not goodbye; it's "I'll see you again soon."

Now, if only the packing could be done for me....that would be wonderful.

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