Sunday, September 29, 2013

What it means to be a student

Classes have begun and I'm now an "official" British student.....and naturally, I'm doing my homework during the week so I can run off on the weekends.

Two penny. New penny. 

Asked an English friend about this and he didn't even know the answer...

Friend making 101: wear a cool belt.

Lovely sends me updates on the fluffy beasts :)

Cannot wait to see these little goobers when I return!

I finally got my tourist phone booth shot! Kelsey and I went into the city on Friday to explore and hit up a bunch of sights.

So much London in one shot...

The new Victoria's Secret on New Bond Street is absolutely gorgeous.....four stories with chandeliers and great staircase. Heaven.

Our trip down New Bond Street and Regent Street wouldn't be complete without a trip to Hamley's. Naturally, we played with everything.

I was explaining Marshmallow fluff to an English friend who said it sounded amazing but he had never seen it here. Ta-da!

If it didn't cost me over $10 [after conversion] for a jar, I would have bought some....

Classes are so much nicer than in America in that we don't need to go as frequently! And can't beat a three-day weekend! Hehehe

I'm taking a history course on gender roles, British life and culture, area studies [concentration on the Middle East for first term], and international trade and finance. Woot woot! Geeking it up whilst enjoying life.

Not going to lie, that Star Wars belt and my Star Wars shirt [so sad I only brought 1 out of the many that I own] have made for some gooood conversation starters.

I've been able to start ticking off sights from my list of things to see....hoping to go to Berlin soon! In the meantime, I'll be hitting up favourite pub chain.


Thank goodness I walk everywhere.....

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