Monday, September 12, 2016

Life's a Beach

While not typically a beach-goer, a nice little weekend adventure out of town was just what was needed as a mini break from classes and work, albeit I missed the fur babies while we were away...

We enjoyed a delicious light dinner at Bayfront - as its namesake suggests, it was right at the bay side and offered a sumptuous view of the evening skies and water.

A tad nippy noodles with the light breeze, but an overall gorgeous day for exploring Erie and the Isle, on which my uncle would be running his next marathon. He had lovely weather the following day, unlike Virginia Beach with its low-50 degree weather and 30 mph winds....brrrrrr

I was quite delighted Superman was able to make it out with us this weekend! We were able to meet up with an acquaintance from college and enjoyed a night on the town with Brody who's studying to become a doctor. Good times had all weekend with great people :)

Beach bum life is a desirable temporary lifestyle, if only for a day or two.

This weekend proved monumental in a sense for me - a personal accomplishment. Self-conscious and often with low self-esteem, I went outside of my comfort zone and donned a bikini {in public} for the first time in 3 years. As crazy and silly as it may seem, it was a big deal on a personal level...having been unable to embrace my body for what it is for years, I'm beginning to feel more comfortable in my skin, taking measures of better care are a great way to feel better from the inside-out.

I know, I know, this may seem hokey, but I feel it fully-heartedly. Feeling good and letting it radiate outward. Here's to more self-love :)

Superman pulling handstands!

Like every great adventure, it must come to an end and we must return to reality....after we found our way out of the vampire coven.

The best part of coming home is having kitty snuggles waiting for me <3


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