Sunday, September 25, 2016

Social Butterflies

As mentioned several times before, a healthy work-life balance is key to enjoying life while being a productive member of society {and earning a means to pay the bills}.

Luckily, after spending a near eternity during the daylight at work, I was able to escape {and maintain constant contact with my employees} and spend some quality time with lovely people and join in the celebration of a dear friend.

Feeling more confident, I donned the new wrap dress I had purchased upon impulse during a quick stop to the mall after an interview {sadly, I was not asked back} and before I met up with a friend for lunch.

When you feel confident, rock it and it will follow through. Sometimes a new dress is all it takes to keep the nasty comments and vile words of self-doubt at bay inside the confines of the mind.

Foolish me, thinking my thick brows were on point, but I do believe Mr Kiscadden's take the cake on the brow game.

The night on the town in Lancaster proved to be a much needed getaway, a mini reunion of LVC alum, even more familiar faces than the previous party. Granted, anxiety was a tad high as I fervently awaited the arrival of Chelsea and Elliott, but lessened as the night went on - social anxiety is craptastic at times.

Heels, a bold lippy, and a tasteful, yet sultry dress. Pushing the envelope on comfort level, but worth it for the self-wow factor and confidence boost.

Those squats and eating healthier are paying off ;)


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