Monday, September 12, 2016

Ex's & Oh's

When it comes to relationships, not everyone can remain on cordial terms with a previous significant other due to the nature of the breakup and/or relationship itself. That being said, I'm at least happy I have maintained friendly acquaintances at least with the guys with whom I was "official," i.e. it was not casual dating, but legit bf/gf labels used.

It's rather strange in that no matter how much time has passed, often the past memories seem as though they were yesterday, a younger version of ourselves remembered as an almost dream-like visionary, quite possibly distorted by our own concept of self rather than reality.

I view friendship as a wondrous thing in life, not to be taken lightly nor to be cast aside so frivolously as a casual summer fling, albeit sometimes we can acquire acquaintances from such when we learn compatibility is simply not there with that individual.

To be in a relationship, remembering how much time and effort was put into it, can take a toll on body and soul when those threads are worn thin, a mere semblance of what it was as the two enter the realm of friendship and leave the romance out of the equation.

It takes a great deal of time {or sometimes not so much} to learn someone's shortcomings and all of the beautifully intricate fibers of their being that it is damn near impossible for them to not leave some sort of etching upon your soul, and you on theirs as well. We learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of someone's character which can often translate well into knowing how they tick as they continue to have you back in the aftermath of a romance that just did not work out.

All relationships, platonic or more, can become life lessons on how we treat others, learn from one another, and also help us grow and learn about ourselves as well.

While some view it as harmful or toxic to be friends with one's ex, I see it as a beautiful thing, provided boundaries are made and kept.


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