Friday, September 30, 2016

Fleas for Free

Poor fur babies have been exposed to a nasty flea infestation and thus we begin the eradication of the tricksy buggers... They certainly are a pain in the butt!

Mr. Theo has been quite a trooper over his mini vacation with us and Loki has been a dear looking after him and comforting the shy little guy whenever I have company - he's still a bit skiddish around anyone but me.

Baths galore and plenty of flea-combing has been had....and of course, lots of treats for the cooperating doll babies. Miss Athena is also heading to her forever-home and we're already missing her dearly....

Netflix is helping to curb the sting of missing Miss Athena and to cope with the annoyance of the flea termination process... While I know I'll be seeing the little warrior princess quite often, I still can't help but miss waking up to her sweet snuggles in the morning.


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