Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day

A solemn day of remembrance for all those who have served and died for their country and its citizens.

And i also found out after English my car kicked the bucket...and my mummy thinks she can lessen the blow with food -_-

NO, MOTHER, I REFUSE TO GAIN THE FRESHMAN 15. I would love to lose whatever weight i've gained and then some.

Twas a very angering day...merely out of frustration. Although i loved receiving my magazines in the mail. Two Cosmos, Glamour, Seventeen, and Teen Vogue and a few Victoria's Secret catalogues. I'm content.

Felt ├╝ber cute today, though...Star Wars baseball tee, skirt with bow, cheetah print tights, and Oxford shoes. Feelings of fatigue and slight possible sickness still lingering :/  what a boring, old-lady Friday night. I love it.

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