Thursday, November 3, 2011

Oh, Happy Thursday

I managed to collect myself right before taking my micro quiz...almost lost it when he said i may have broken a time record. Not something i wanted to hear at that moment -_-

No hair's a's almost complete pony-tail length...i'm not wearing pants and i have the mindset of a man. Oh, happy happy day!

I was, however, a little bummed when my polka dot pants came out of the wash slightly faded and i just found toothpaste on my tunic...le grrrr. Blog relaxation and retail therapy later with Katie! I'm not a big believer in retail therapy...but we're going to a thrift store and i'm absolutely stoked about it! (forgive my old-fashioned word seemed appropriate and sometimes i feel like i sound cute saying them :P )

Here's to not wearing pants!

Vest: H&M
Tunic: Victoria's Secret
Pin: German flag from Munich airport
Tights: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Mia 2

I love the nifty pattern on my tights!

Breathing....calming down from quiz. Oh, how i'm looking forward to Friday!

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