Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Make Sure to Keep My Distance

Today was a not so shabby day...meh ups and downs...this mental exhaustion shall be the end of me. Or perhaps my current state of insomnia and nighttime restlessness...hmm

Collectively, i had the equivalent of one 80-minute class today...20 mins in business to take my exam, not realizing how quickly i had taken it given how careful i was and how diligently i took it...and released, yes, released, such a negative connotation, from micro 20 minutes early. I sang Christina Perri songs in my head the whole time. My friend Nate would be proud.

Yes, the slippers completely make the outfit. I had thought i was dressed for the day...then threw on a few more things....

Muuuch better! :)
Cardi: Aeropostale
Tanks: Aeropostale (navy), PacSun (leopard)
Skinnies: Hot Topic

I love Hot Topic skinnies...not that i have the skinny thighs for them, but they are very niiiiice. Perhaps with a few more weeks of working out diligently (i'm on a role...going to get healthy!) i shall have more toned, thin, lean legs. Perhaps.

Off to study Deutsch German. Auf Wiedersehen.

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