Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nerdy Day

Not only do i feel nerdy from my outfit (and mood), but Jess and i disinfected the room as a precaution....we love Katie but we're afraid of getting sick :/

Buuuuut....nerd day :D

Webcam photoshoot today...this is what happens when i feel horrible upon waking up. I'm in a great mood (despite it being Tuesday -_- ) but my body is nonco-operative. DayQuil shall get me through the day....hopefully. Then study time tonight after class and Wally World run for more DayQuil and tissues and NyQuil.

Earrings=taken from my Mummy's reject vintage
Button-down=Old Navy
Tank top=Charlotte Russe

It smells like poo. Cow poo. Ew.

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