Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello, Beautiful

Today was so pretty out...despite it being November, in my mind i'm still expecting it to be niiiiiice out. Sun. Slight wind is snow -_-

Shoveling will be my winter break workout...honestly, i love to shovel!!! Yes, yes, that is strange...but i don't like running. I'm really bad at it...and look funny doing it...but i can shovel like there's no tomorrow! haha

Oh how i love the messy hair! My hair's growing out...hmm i guess it's not so bad...just brush it and go. Good thing messy do's are perfectly acceptable on windy days!

I love mixing polka dots with black&yellow floral tied together with black belt. Finished off with my boots (they're great when i don't want to wear pants!) and feathers.

I do what i want.

I think my inner child is coming out...i hated pants when i was little. Especially jeans! They were just stiff...i couldn't "roughhouse" as my Grammie B would say. Free spirit haha

Although based upon that, i'm not sure why i love tights now...i absolutely deplored them when i was little!!

Hmm...lovely relaxing Sunday. Can't wait til break! Corn nuggets!

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