Sunday, November 13, 2011


About the number of calories i've consumed in the past 24 hours....just kidding!

I'm excited about that being the number of pageviews i've received on my blog since starting. A measley number in comparison to other bloggers with more impressive designs and cuter clothes...but they're awesome! I just was reading up on one of the blogs i follow, Cat from Take Courage, and her latest update talked about her competitiveness and realizing her initial incentive to write her be creative, show her personal style, and inside her life.

I love how she brought that up...that's exactly how i feel.

Yesterday my Sissy and i went to see "A Christimas Story Musical" at Hershey Theatre....twas incredible! Followed up by Houlihan's for delicious food...especially the s'mores dessert mmmm.

I saw a Smart Car and got super excited!!! I waaaaaant one! And considering my car is non-repairable...hmmm

We shall see.....

Today was pretty much spent in sweats and a tank....comfy day with Lucky Charms! (eaten cereal first, then marshmallows, of course, and NO milk)

Well...time for a little business review and then curling up with InStyle...bis morgens!

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