Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Embrace Myself

I've been following Olivine's Charm School for a while, and today one of the posts really...inspired? ...me.

Check it out...but the gist of it is to starting thinking positively of yourself, something i haven't done for a long, long time. My dirty little secret one could say...

Today...I Embrace Myself.

My quirks...my general weirdness...at times, short temperedness...impatience...
All of those things i don't like about myself...that's ok.

I'm not perfect. Far from it.

But as i've told my Sissy (many times, might i add [and i just did]) that your imperfections make you perfect.

New shoe clips from Charlotte Russe. I clipped them onto the sides of my rainboots to go for dinner...twas pouring...if i were Mary Poppins, i would have been swept away :(

Dinner and tv time with Katie...tv calling!

And after my micro class, i threw on my sweatpants...then quickly shorts because it is soo warm in our building! Not normally one for sweats, but it seemed appropriate given all i wanted to do was curl up and work on my business project. Almost done!! Presentation on Thursday :)

We're ready. Maybe.

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