Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gumption to the Test

Sometimes, we don't know how tough we are until we're put to the test.

*cue Eastern Coast Blizzard 2k16*

With most employees snowed in and being considered "essential staffing" at the hospital, my crew and I had to make it one way or another in order to serve. Sure, it sounds quite noble and brave, but really, it was exhausting and put my sanity to the test, stretching it a tad bit thin.

In reflection of this shit-tastic weekend, it had me thinking about employees and work ethic in general. Sometimes, it takes gumption to push through a hard day's work, when shit hits the fan, or when you're a bit thinner for a shift than you would feel comfortable. One can learn a lot about someone else by working with them, as well as how much you can take on, learning a bit of insight on yourself. One of the interview questions for this job is to describe a time when you felt stretched to your limits - I'd say this was a prime example.

With limited staffing able to get to the account, this weekend showed me how tough people can be - nurses included. Many grabbed a hotel room nearby in order to get a few short hours of rest before returning for another long shift. Surrounded by strong people just trying to make it through the worst storm in years, it was a morale boost just knowing we weren't alone - we were all hurtin' nonetheless. It also helped that I had a Superman to get us through and keep me sane and from losing my mind when I was left all on my own...

Snowfall hit all-time records, covering everything in sight in a few hours and continuing to pile on.

Seriously, what the hell, Mother Nature??

When someone {finally} completely cleared the walkway by Sunday evening, it was up to my wenis.

Tight squeeze through all of the snow....

Someone so kindly cleared out the cars and even wiped out the left side of my car, leaving a Mohawk on top so I wouldn't feel left out and could shovel some of the mess left from the shitstorm.

Thank you for leaving me snow to remove myself! {Not pictured: directly to the right, the spot was completely bare and snow removed}

I was worried I wouldn't get to join the fun of shoveling for many hours. So thankful I was graciously left this mountain of snow to move on my third {and failing} wind of the day....and this was after Superman had forced me to take a nap since I was basically sleep-walking.

Dear Mother Nature, please don't hold back next winter - just let it out instead of exploding. I'll do the same with my temper and emotions, deal?

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