Friday, January 8, 2016

On Trust and Instinct

My advice: trust no one but you're Mum, Gramps, and your sister {but only if the situation does not make it plausible for a prank}.

Trusting no one, however, would get one nowhere... By trusting, we build those connections, sometimes blindly putting faith in another human being on instinct and chemical reactions our brains course throughout our body from an explosion of unknown origin.

While I'd love to say I'm anti-boys, anti-drama {notice I didn't say "girls," because most girls are pretty rad!}, and anti-bacon - okay, I'm always going to be anti-bacon - it would be unreasonable of me to advocate myself as such.

Placing trust in another, whether it be an acquaintance, a friend, a budding friendship with a cat, or a superhero, is a good thing. Sometimes, we place trust in the wrong people, and that is how we learn to be more selective with those with whom we indulge delicate matters... But placing trust takes some of our burdens away, making it easier to share the burdens of others who place their trust in us, creating a domino-effect of making us feel not so alone in this often lonely planet. Ironic: 7+ billion people on this planet and loneliness is not only possible, but a highly likely phenomenon!

So, I implore you ignore that bastardized advice my brain attempts to make my heart follow.... Albeit we often follow the heart blindly, I've learned that sometimes it's not so far off in its thinking {take that, oh-so-smarty-pants Brain}. While the Brain likes to view itself as the Guardian of the Heart, it sometimes needs to take a step back and let the heart be free to experience love and the tribulations of life with the possibility that it's going to get hurt from friends, animal snubbing, family, etc.

In the meantime, grab yourself some buffalo chicken dip, or some other delicious vice. Being alone means I can eat out of the damn bowl without fear of judgment, right? {at least only silent judgment now that I've posted}

*side note: I am using crackers, not a spoon or my fingers...I'm not a total animal*

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