Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wanderlust & Cabin Fever

Is it possible to get cabin fever if you can leave the apartment?

After being cooped up either in the hospital or briefly in my apartment for the past few days due to the shit storm of the century, I'm beginning to feel a little stir-crazy... 16 days until I leave for Ireland, exploring the Irish motherland for a few days and anticipating falling in love with yet another foreign country {England still holds my heart, followed closely by Switzerland}.

Reading travel blog posts and finding travel tips on Pinterest only instigates my extreme case of wanderlust and makes me yearn for the next adventure, whether it be state-side or any direction outside our borders.

This post explores this sweet gal's first 11 foreign countries, with much excited anticipation for the next 11+.

I've read about so many wondrous and brave people leaving "corporate USA" to fulfill their lifelong dream of traveling the world and you know, that doesn't sound all too shabby... Travel tips here on how to {basically} travel for free.

I'm just starting off my career, but know I'm not where I want to spend the rest of my life.... However, money is a necessary evil, particularly with nasty student loans {<$10K to go!!!} so I have to hang in there and make time to travel in between the craziness of operations while building my resume and bank reserves for such a daring and audacious action...

Oh! I have a travel tip! If you're planning on visiting Niagara Falls, you may want to do it sooner rather than later...according to this, they'll be shutting the falls off momentarily to allow for major repairs. So happy I went to see the magnificent falls in summer 2014 {holy cow, it's been that long??}.

I'm planning on taking a grand adventure back to Europe, scoping out the best way of going about this, with my sights focusing on this Ultimate Europe Adventure, but alas, this all depends on my grand life scheme career plan. Here's to hoping I have the proverbial balls audacity to pull this thing off....timing is everything, after all ;)

For now, looking forward to a mental getaway to the motherland in Bumfuck, PA and getting as many hugs from my mummy as I can before working a buttload and packing in between shifts.

Ireland and more adventures await!!

This gal's ready to jet off!

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