Monday, January 4, 2016

Where my feet take me

Throughout my travels, my tootsies have carried me over and under some fairly fabulous places, with many more adventures in the works for the future.

Your legs and feet are capable of taking one to the ends of the earth - and the little crevices in between - as highlight in Home Sweet Anywhere, a good read and I highly recommend for anyone who likes to travel physically or metaphysically {through the imagination}. This duo proves age is no boundary; all it takes is careful planning and a thirst for adventure.

Having been abroad, I've come to realize the necessity of a car {or for truly awesome & kind friends & family who have one} in order to get around in this vast country... Sure, we have the Amtrak station and Greyhound, but public transportation is not nearly what it is in, say, Great Britain or Germany.

Simply getting to and work is a hike, as I've soon found out after being without a set of wheels since {gasp!} December 17th, when my dear C3 took a turn for the worst and currently awaits surgery....Thank goodness for wonderful friends & family for generously hauling my azz to and from work

However, this has forced me to get creative and to stay home more, as well as tack on a few more miles on my shoes walking to the grocery store {what's 2 miles there & back?} and to the movie theater. This allowed for provoking ideas to cascade in my Kingston, it was easily a mile's walk from my flat to Sainsbury and I happily made that walk, yet here, it's much more convenient for one to hop into the car and drive that mile or so down the road, which has me questioning: when did I become so dang lazy??

Weather permitting, I may make that walk to the grocery store mandatory if I find myself running out of eggs or a sale on avocados beckons me....

Walking-walking-walking has made me more aware of my surroundings and of this beautiful little town in which I reside, seeking out new digs and gems hidden in plain well as the realization that people are idiots and enjoy beeping for no apparent reason.

Upside: exercise, yay!

Downside: tired tootsides, especially as I'm racking up several miles per shift at work.

....which calls for sweats and a self-administered foot massage >ouch<

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