Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, not a new me.

I grow weary of the same-old BS people post, that clichéd "New Year, New Me" adage to which people so tirelessly attest. No shit, Sherlock, you're going to become a new person, but it's not going to happen miraculously when the clock strikes midnight as it did for dear ol' Cinderella.

New Years' Resolutions have been shown to do more harm than good - likely due to the high expectations we place upon ourselves for the upcoming year. Now I'm not saying that bettering oneself nor setting high, yet reasonably obtainable, goals is the issue. It's the silly notion that we have to wait until the new year in order to do so.

Why can't self-improvement be a continuous process? Why wait until the new year to begin?

True...I'm taking little steps to better myself: better stress-management, more regulated exercise regime {I type this as I eat chocolate chip pancakes lol}, a more understanding person, but I know it's not going to be because I make these resolutions, but because I choose to do so.

I feel I've become a better person than I was a few shorts months ago, a few weeks ago, and heck, even yesterday.

I do vow to continue to daily goal of at least one person's day a littler brighter every day.

Enough of the deep did you spend New Year's Eve?

I worked, then made dinner for my Gramps, and then ventured off for the company of strangers at a new bar, mingling with an interesting, yet boisterous, group of adults.

My NYE kiss belonged to a beautiful glass of bubbly, followed by a brisk walk back to my apartment for PANCAKES. Yaaaaasssss.

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