Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Der dritte Oktober

Happy birthday to my Fajer! ....or as my sister put it, "Happy birthday to the man from whom I receive my weirdness."

Damn straight. We are strange and he is strange and we love one another and get along well enough so that's all that matters.

My Fajer is turning....well, old enough to be a grandfather by some standards, but won't be until my sister has children. No matter how old he is, he'll always be our daddy and I can't wait to see him and give him his awesome [if i do say so myself] prezzie. He's just going to love it!

Today is also the anniversary of the reunification of Germany! Woo! We watched the Tagesschau from 3. Oktober 1990 in Advanced German Conversation today.

Today also marks President and Mrs. Obama's wedding anniversary!

Oh, and the presidential debate is tonight. This is a rather important night for all so i plan on watching it as soon as i get back from the mandatory German video showing tonight.

Things upon which i've recently viewed:

This is just strange.

I'm loving these braids

And I'm a sucker for pinup ensembles as shown in the Hot Topic headliner...

I need to get working on some German homework before break....oh, and play Sims. That's how i rewarded myself after my midterm yesterday. Sims3 therapy.

Sweet potato fries for dinner.....soooo excited!

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