Monday, October 15, 2012

With the fall comes the sniffles


That is my emotion when it comes to having a cold....i think that's what i have. Countering it with DayQuil and NyQuil. HA HA HA take that, stupid sniffles. Hopefully, it goes away soon...i believe the common cold can last up to 3 weeks. Ew. I do not want this for Halloween. Or my birthday.

Speaking of which.....

My beautiful friend turns 17 today!

Love her to pieces!

Today it started least it started after my run!

Although then i could have blamed the rain for my fall...yes, yes, clumsy me fell on the the pavement. It wouldn't've been so bad if it had been at the end...but I fell about 3 minutes into my run, start there for a minute or two [it hurt!] and then got up and started running again...

When i got back to my dorm and took off my running clothes to shower, my knee was bloodied, both elbows scraped and one bleeding, and both my hands were scraped up. It's right elbow took quite a beating, but my left leg was the one dripping. Hmmm...

No matter, no matter...i got my run in then ate a banana after my shower. Picking black fuzzies out of my wounds was gross.

Happy start of the week!

"Wear your clothes with joy!"

I'm wearing red skinnies with my bleached Dragonite shirt that Lovely had made for me.

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