Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The important things in life

This would consist of Mummy's homecooking, the smell of vintage leather, shooting with Fajer, twirling under Friday night lights, and jumping on Sissy to wake her up....oh, nostalgia.

These are the things to which i'm looking forward about fall break.

Counting today, i have 3 more days....then the familiar long drive home to where it all began....

Thank goodness my two exams are over. Sure, i have homework and some papers due later this month, but hey, that's why break and then after break are there. This weekend will be about relaxation and recycling old stuff and seeing my fam and eating ice cream cake. Dear Mummy, if you are reading this, I will cry if you break your promise about that ice cream cake. No joke.

This was how i welcomed my favorite month of October :)



I missed a strip of hair at the bottom of my leg going into my foot -_- dammit, OCD.

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