Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pops of Color

Today i pulled out the purple skinnies! I haven't worn them in a feels good running in the morning, even when i'm seriously just wanting to sleeeep.

I love this shirt. The fabric is so soft...and even though Tues/Thurs i have to hike up 3 flights of steps first thing in the morning for French, i felt heels for needed for these jeans. Love Seychelles. i was walking, people were talking about me. Ever have people talk about you within earshot? So rude....sometimes it's nice to have nice things spreading, but laughter is suspicious. Just think positive thoughts...for me, i may not have the same style as everyone else but I'm willing to bet, even with taking 6 courses, my GPA is higher than them.

I'm so happy to say, my midterm grades are going well :) Definitely a confident booster. Find your confident booster and when people are making fun of you, hold your head high and think positive thoughts. You are great.

Heading off to a Halloween social soon! Can't wait!! First preview of my Halloween costume. Need to pick up some supplies to do my hair differently...went with soft waves for tonight.

More pics to come after Halloween! Ok, not the most flattering pose [to me] but i love my costume... Queen Gorgo from 300!

Have a lovely Thursday!

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