Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rock the Vote

I've nearly caught up on my magazines since being home....I can't recall exactly which one [either Glamour or Cosmo] talked about the 90's being back. Good grief. I sure as hell hope not. The 90s had some scary fashion fetishes...but that's how fashion seems to go...revamping old trends to make it "contemporary," whatever "contemporary" is at the time i.e. 2012 is contemporary but the 90's used to be.

It'd be nice if other aspects came back with the 90s, such as low unemployment. Many argue that Clinton was our best president for a long time...but who am i to judge on that? I was running around playing Barbies and reading Harry Potter.

Something that surprised me: it seems that even fashion magazines are putting more emphasis on this year's election....

This year's election is going to highly affect everyone's lives. You may not be politically active [most people my age aren't, me included], but it's still imperative to stay informed.

Currently, the polls are damn near even. Obama needs to amp up his game in the debates and Romney needs to stick to one view and provide details. Debates are interesting...but it's rather annoying when both speak in circles.

So....whether you're the great x5-granddaughter of a former president, a fashion blog guru, or some po' college kid living in a little central PA town, it is important that you vote.

I won't sit here and type one view or the other [i'm a registered independent btw] but i will say to read up on the issues [unemployment, contraception, the economy, medicare, etc] and read the different views. Vote based upon a person's views and what they're going to do for this country, not simply because they're Republican or Democrat. That's stupid, quite frankly.

Honestly, perhaps the US should do away with parties and simply focus on the important factors: what's at stake and what the potential leader of the US plans on doing to help this country.

Your vote counts. Make your voice heard. Don't be an ignorant fool.

Nothing is more frustrating than people who bitch about the government yet refuse to vote. On a small scale, it's like bad-mouthing the mean girl at school who earns prom queen, yet you didn't even vote.

That's my schpeal for today...

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