Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall[ish] Favorites

Today, based upon the weather, seems like a very silly day to post this, but there you have it...

Besides the obvious favorites, Halloween and my birthday, fall holds other fun things. No, not apple cider. Some people absolutely love apple cider. Me, on the other hand, am weird and don't like "normal" things like apple cider and mashed potatoes and vinegar [i literally will run away from the smell].

But fall...

  • has Halloween oreos mmmm

  • is the time to pull out boots yays!

  • snuggling weather...can't get enough of this!
c/o jealous!

  • is warm enough for just a light cozy sweater...

I'm diggin' the photo despite the blurr. Life isn't always crystal clear.

  • has rain. I love the rain as long as it's not storming...storms are nice as long as I don't have to go outside. Rain is conditional :P

Just got my tragus done :) soo content! Surprisingly, it only twinged a bit when they put in the jewelry...ugh just realized my gold and silver clash.

Side notes....
Jess and i went to the little Lebanon farmers' market and had a blast! Jess got a gyro and i had a spanakopita mmmmm. We need to hit up Saturday's Market sometime. And look for Lego candy. It's my absolute favorite.

A Rocket to the Moon's new album comes out 29 January 2013!!! Can't wait!!

And four days until Taylor Swift's new album, Red!

Oh, and i watched American Pie for the first time. I just know realized how much 90s "teen" movies repeat the same songs....many of the songs in American Pie were also in 10 Things I Hate About You. No, not the stupid show based upon the movie, which is based upon Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew. I mean the Heath Ledger version.

Have a lovel-E weekend and enjoy the nice weather before it's too cold to go without a jacket!

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