Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This brownie was gross.... but these Nutella cookies were absolutely delicious. And easy to make. Lovely and i baked and cooked lunch together yesterday mmmm

He did most of the mixing....that mixture was thick! But sooo worth it. THe baking time was fudged a bit....one pan baked them through for a shorter time but the ooey-gooey consistency was mmmmmm

I'm back at school now....blah

I like sitting around at home....

Brought the red leather jacket back :) ....hopefully PETA won't be after me....it was a 16th birthday prezzie from my Nana. I like it.


I'm ready to sleep already...isn't that sad? I'm like an old cat sometimes...oh! Leopard print leggings were an early birthday prezzie from my Sissy :)

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