Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm on a camel


This was taken by my wonderful friend, Justin, at the Philly Zoo on September 28. Funny story about this little boy...NO, i did not kidnap him! was tempting to give him a mean look, though, for pushing me in line! No one likes rude people.

But his Mum wouldn't go on and he couldn't go by himself so he was stuck on with me.

I've ridden an elephant, a camel, and horses...what's next, i wonder? hmmm perhaps a hippogriff or a unicorn. Unicorns like girls more so that's more plausible than if i were a boy. was no pants Wednesday!

My tootsies were chilly this boots and tights it was! I love this tanktop, so as long as i was covered on the bottom, my top section won't freeze :) I think it worked fairly well today.

I'm loving that my hair is growing out. Finally. I feel more 'me' with longer hair, although it needs a trim/styled soon.


Stuck with a simply twist on each side, held back with a baby bobbypin on each side, which tucked quiiiite nicely under my hair.

All ready for my French midterm tomorrow.'s after my bedtime already.

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