Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hump day is the best day

Ok, maybe not really....i really love Thursdays, but in the process of going through the week, once you've hit Wednesday, things just seem soo much better.

Tuesday was a bit of a bust. It was a downer day in which so many things seemed to just go wrong...on the bright side, I had a very high A on my marketing midterm, ultimately skyrocketing my mood :)  Funny how little things [ok, maybe that wasn't so little...] can almost instantaneously boost our day.

Yesterday was slightly boring on the clothesfront.....bright yellow cardi, printed tank, skinnies, and leopard print flats. Sounds much better in text :P

Oh, and today i'm not wearing pants. I'm wearing a skirt, don't worry!

mmmmhhmmm. Attitude. Use it wisely. . . . unlike the lady restocking bananas. Most unfriendly....

This skirt was the first thing i had bought and had delivered to me at school as a big bad college student....oh, the memories. elbows are all scraped up :/ as well as my knee.

Another day in the life of a college exciting indeed haha

Off to work on homework now and start watching Snow White and the Huntsman.

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