Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

As Halloween comes to a close, I hope you enjoyed this one!

Today we quoted movies in German. "Boo, you whore."

Well, two of the four groups presented their movie projects....we took a scene from a movie and translated and adapted our own German version of it. My partner and I did a scene from The Wizard of Oz. The other did a montague of clips from Mean Girls. We tried explaining some of the scenes to our prof, who had never seen the movie....didn't go so well.

"On Wednesdays we wear pink."

Attempt at being a hazy Halloween creep.

My lovel-E friends made this GIANT birthday card for me!! And LOOK! That's me in the top right corner! Haha my friend Haivy has a sweet modern instant-pix camera from Nikon...?


Here's to the new month....November! Woo! Fresh pair of contacts on the first of every month! ....ok, now that you know my hygienic routines...

Have a lovely start of November and continuation of's becoming chilly but that just means more layers and layers and layers!

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