Friday, October 5, 2012

I got it from my mama

I'm sure many of you have heard this Will.I.Am song, singing about "tell me where you get your body from....I got it from my mama." The girl inherited her curves from her bodacious mama.

And there's that "shake what your mama gave ya" saying that people say to invoke confidence.

But that's just it. True, we may have inherited our physical features from our mothers, but it's the intangible parts that count.

My mother taught me to be myself. When I was younger and i would argue that i wanted braids that one of my friends because i just thought they were so beautiful, she would tell me, "but you aren't so-and-so. Why do you want to be like so-and-so?" Not in a mean way. She was gentle about it, simply asking for a reason as to why i wanted to be like someone else.

I'm not sure if she remembers doing that, but as a kid, i remember.

My mother instilled the feeling of being your own person and loving who you are. My confidence? I may have earned that along the way of being that awkward girl who thought she'd never in a million years have a boyfriend because she was so flippin' weird, but i have my Mom to thank for me.

She's my rock.

Ensemble for yesterday:

overshirt: H&M; tank: Wally World; skinnies: Hot Topic; belt: Forever 21; shoes: Romwe

I love my Sephora lipstick....obsessed.

Love you, Mummy.

Glad to be home.
Love her voice and the color of her hair and just her "I'll do what I want, what I love" attitude.

To those rude people who gave me dirty looks at the football game:
"I don't need your platform or your permission. I don't need your love or your provision. I am home, incomplete, falling free when I am me."

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