Sunday, October 28, 2012

These last few teen moments

So this is my last hour and a half of being a teenager...although technically i wasn't born until after 8pm. Trick-or-Treat baby! :D Surprise, Sissy! You received a baby sister instead of more candy from Mummy and Fajer!

Ok, that was silly.

But it feels longer being a teenager. No longer being able to use the excuse, "hey, I'm still a teenager even though I'm an adult." But 20 is a nice even number.

I love Jiff peanut butter cups to go...this is what happens when I don't want to dirty a spoon. Appropriate behavior for a 19 year old. Never lose your silliness, no matter what age.

Ta-da! King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo from 300. Oh, my goodness, this video was an incredible help for hair inspiration!! I did the one with the gold braided within two strands of hair. I had extra hair so I tied a gold ribbon around the 5 together and braided down the rest of the extra hair in those 5 sections as one large unit.

Lovely just looks so BA. My bandfront toepoint is so ladylike.

My King
Interesting night to say the least....

1 1/2 hour countdown! :)

Due to Hurricane Sandy, classes have been's to sleeping in and tackling homework and studying.

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