Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monster Mash

Yesterday we had classes cancelled [happy birthday to me!] and today they were cancelled as well due to that attention-whore, Sandy.

Last year on my birthday, I woke up to a snow storm....this year, a hurricane. What shall be in London next fall?? Perhaps Mother Nature will spare me because it's my 21st and I'll be studying abroad.

Birthday girl was excited to receive Tangled and The Princess and the Frog from Mummy :) ....along with enough snacks to see me through the storm.

My sneaky friends threw me a party and completely surprised me with a giant card and a birthday cupcake and people sang to me at the campus C-Store. And yes, I wore my crown all day. It seemed like the proper birthday thing to do.

Oh, my....so glad to be surrounded by such wonderful people! They keep me in stitches and I love them to pieces.

New Express dress! Can't wait to wear this out somewhere...

The power went out a few times last time while we watched Paranormal Activity but it sort of added to the suspense [we've seen it before so we knew what was coming]. Afterwards, a couple of us did the Ouija board. There was quite a bit of energy between the five of us; I was surprised. Halloween mood....had to do something spooky and fun!

Today is my friend Trevor's birthday! He's older than I am haha. So 20 doesn't seem so old...although my sister reminded me that I'm now officially two decades old. Thanks, Sis.

Time to work on my management paper a little longer....being a total bum today in my attire. But that's ok, I haven't ventured outside the building once today.

No, no, no. Terrible news of the night.

This just doesn't seem right.

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